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Cleaning tips for plaster ceiling

April 02, 2020

When you are planning to give your house a thorough cleanup, the ceiling is an area that you should definitely turn your attention to. Cleaning experts advise that the best way to go about it is to start with cleaning the ceiling after which you turn your attention to doors, walls, cabinets, windows, floors and furniture. The reason why cleaning the ceiling should be done first is in order to protect the furniture, floors and walls from the dust marks. This job is quite tough and how you do it will essentially depend on the dirt or dust accumulated on ceiling surface. When you are cleaning your plaster ceiling, here are some times that will really help you along the way.

 Steps to follow

To start with, it is important that you make adequate use of a vacuum cleaner for concrete or plaster ceiling cleaning. Vacuum hose gets attached on the handle of the broom by taping when undertaking this process. The next step is to take the hosepipe just near the ceiling by use of a folding stair or high leveled stool and start using the vacuum cleaner to undertake the cleaning. In case you are doing the cleaning manually, tie an old flannel cloth to the broom and then start cleaning. This device should essentially be used for dusting the ceiling and switch as necessary depending on the progress of the cleaning. The last step is whereby you turn your attention to cleaning areas of ceiling that are stained and you can do this by use of diluted bleach solution or peroxide solution. Once you apply the solution, start sponging the areas cleaned.

Key precautions

When you are cleaning your plaster ceiling, it is very important that you cover the floor, furniture and other fixtures by use of polythene sheets or cloths or any other kind of covering material as a way of protecting them against the droppings. Use of stool or ladder for cleaning should be avoided and instead, you should consider using long handle device. Before you wash the floors and walls, make a point of cleaning the ceiling first otherwise dust will just fall on your clean floors and walls.

For your safety, it is very important that you wear some rubber gloves that have cuff and this will safeguard your hands. This is even more important when cleaning plaster ceiling using a liquid cleaner. As you clean the ceiling, it is also advisable that you utilize cloth or goggles as a way of protecting your eyes. In addition, you should be ultra careful to ensure that drips of the cleaning agent or water don’t run on walls otherwise they can end up tarnishing its good looks. Finally, avoid rubbing the cobwebs on the walls or ceiling for cleaning. This is because doing so tends to spoil the finishing and ends up leaving some ugly marks on surface.

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